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Phelcom Technologies

Access to eye exams is most of the time limited, but could solve many cases of blindness and severe eye diseases. Table top fundus cameras are expensive, their use is limited to taking patients to the equipment and are not easy to move to other places. On the other hand, most of the portable fundus cameras besides having a more accessible price their image quality is not as good as a table top device, making the diagnosis more difficult. We are changing this reality with our technology. Phelcom Eyer is a portable non-mydriatic fundus camera with table top image quality, enabling it to perform exams in different ways. There is no need to touch the patient, it can be used in field campaigns in remote regions, for bedside exams, in telemedicine or clinics and hospitals. The exams can be stored or connected to other systems via EyerCloud and we are developing our own artificial intelligence algorithm, helping health professionals to identify challenging eye disorders.

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