A.J.P.E.R Association

Pascault Safidiharizo Andriambeloniaina

2020 Emerging Talents

Pascault Andriambeloniaina Safidiharizo was born in 1993 in Madagascar. He graduated in Biodiversity conseravation at the University of Fianarantsoa. He claims to be an activist on good governance and forest conservation. In 2017, he promoted and lead of project against corruption in consortium with Liberty32 and USA embassy. He was then awarded with the first price. Since 2019, Pascault Andriambeloniaina Safidiharizo  is coordinating the Biobriquettes research and economic stove at AJPER and developing the economic stove S19, which is reducing the charcoal’s cosumption while cooking. Today, he is focusing on developing the Biobriquettes project in order to replace the harmful fuel wood.

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