Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero

2023 2023 Speaker | Circle 2023 Winner | Physical Sciences Speaker Winner Falling Walls Circle Physical Sciences

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero is currently Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics at MIT. A native from Spain, he completed his PhD in the Netherlands and his postdoc at Columbia, after which he joined MIT in 2008. Prof. Jarillo-Herrero’s research interests lie in experimental condensed matter physics, in particular quantum electronic transport and optoelectronics in novel two-dimensional materials, with special emphasis on their superconducting, magnetic, and topological properties. Prof. Jarillo-Herrero is the recipient of the APS 2020 Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Physics Prize, the 2020 Wolf Prize in Physics, the 2021 Lise Meitner Distinguished Lecture and Medal, and the 2021 Max Planck Humboldt Research Award. He was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 2022.

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