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Olafur Eliasson

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Olafur Eliasson, born in Copenhagen in 1967 to Icelandic parents, established Studio Olafur Eliasson in 1995. He represented Denmark at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003 and later that year installed The weather project at Tate Modern, London. Take your time: Olafur Eliasson, a survey exhibition organised by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, travelled to several venues until 2010. Most recently his solo exhibition Innen Stadt Außen opened at Martin-Gropius-Bau in 2010, with interventions across Berlin as a public dimension to the show.

Eliasson has engaged in several projects in public space, including Green river, carried out in various cities between 1998-2001; The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007, designed with Kjetil Thorsen; and The New York City Waterfalls, commissioned by Public Art Fund in 2008. As professor at Universität der Künste Berlin, Olafur Eliasson founded the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments) in 2009.

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