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2023 2023 Winner Project | Engage Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Ocean School is a free, groundbreaking online learning experience to advance environmental awareness and ocean literacy—the understanding of our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us. It builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improves understanding of marine science and culture, provides exposure to diverse marine career paths, and fosters a culture of ocean sustainability and environmental stewardship. Ocean School uses creative storytelling techniques and an inquiry-based learning model. It provides educators with engaging, free-to-use content paired with classroom activities that deepen learning and promote integration of technology and assessment. Ocean School has worked with diverse communities on three continents and created content that features over 100 local scientists and change-makers. Ocean School is committed to a co-creation model that is relevant to the diverse communities in which we work, seeking to integrate cutting edge science with indigenous and traditional ways of knowing.

Boris Worm

Dalhousie University

I am a marine ecologist and Professor in Marine Conservation Biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My research focuses on the causes and consequences of changes in marine biodiversity and conservation on a global scale, particularly regarding fishing, climate change, and ocean ecosystems. I also work on solutions for rebuilding marine life and advancing policies to prevent further loss of marine biodiversity worldwide. With over 25 years of science communication experience, I am the Founder and Scientific Director of Ocean School, an online learning resource for teachers and students in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. I am also the Ambassador for Ocean Literacy at the Ocean Frontier Institute and teach a class on science communication and leadership.

Events with Boris Worm

Tue | Nov 07, 2023 | 02.00 PM - 05.30 PM Berlin Time

Falling Walls Engage Pitches – Session 3: Empowering People to Explore Earth and Beyond

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