Noam Slonim

IBM Haifa Research Lab

Noam Slonim

Finalist 2020 Finalist | Engineering & Technology 2020 Engineering and Technology

Dr. Noam Slonim was born and still lives in Jerusalem. He has a PhD from the Hebrew University in Brain Science and did his Post-Doc at Princeton. In 2007 he joined IBM Research. He was project debater for the AI Grand Challenge at IBM Research in 2011, and has served as principal investigator of the project since then. Dr. Slonim co-authored around 60 peer reviewed articles, focusing on the last few years on advancing the rapidly emerging field of Computational Argumentation. Coincidentally, or not, in a sitcom he co-created back in 1998, the last episode was focused on competitive debates. Dr. Noam Slonim is married and father to two boys and one girl.

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