Nicole Rinehart

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Nicole Rinehart

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Nicole Rinehart (BA (Hons), MClin. Psych, PhD, Monash University) is a Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychology and Director, Krongold Clinic at Monash University. Nicole is an international leader in neurodevelopmental disorders and practicing Clinical Psychologist specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. She has been at the forefront of international efforts to improve the diagnosis and treatment of childhood disorders. She has held multiple National Health and Medical Research Council grants in collaboration with her colleagues at Monash Health, the Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and Howard Florey Institute. Her research is inspired by the families and children with neurodevelopmental conditions whom she has worked with over the last 2 decades.

In 2015 she founded the AllPlay program, Australia’s leading multidisciplinary platform that aims to improve the quality of life and mental health of young people who experience developmental challenges or disabilities through sport, dance, and education. AllPlay is a strengths based program developed in partnership with young people, parents, teachers, coaches, dancers, industry, philanthropy, and government. AllPlay was awarded the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Award for Community Engagement in December, 2021, and is a finalist in the Falling Walls Science Engagement awards (Berlin, Germany).

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