Nathan Lewis


Nathan Lewis

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Nate Lewis, an allrounder-chemist has been on the faculty at the California Institute of Technology since 1988 and has served as Professor since 1991. His research group, the Lewis Research Group, is developing solar fuels technologies, discovering new semiconductors and catalysts, controlling the growth and surfaces of semiconductors, integrating components into working photoelectrochemical cells, and developing inexpensive low-power vapor sensors. He has also served as the Principal Investigator of the Beckman Institute Molecular Materials Resource Center at Caltech since 1992. Dr. Lewis has published over 300 papers and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Energy & Environmental Science. In 2010 Rolling Stone magazine named him #17 on their “Top 100 Agents of Change” list. He received the Fresenius Award in 1990, the ACS Award in Pure Chemistry in 1991, the Orton Memorial Lecture award in 2003, and the Princeton Environmental Award in 2003. From his many roles in working with the US Energy Department’s Innovation Hub and the state of California on the Energy crisis vs. CO2 emission problem Lewis has an expert grip on the topic of global energy perspectives.

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