Nadine Knab

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nadine Knab

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Dr. Nadine Knab is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Generally, her research investigates the psychological underpinnings of current social and political challenges with the aim to develop theory-based socio-psychological interventions to improve group relations. Nadine completed her PhD in psychology at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany and visited research institutes in Russia, Israel and the US. Nadine understands the need to make scientific results accessible for everyone and therefore engages in several science communication activities and serves as the president of the German Peace Psychology Association in order to build structures for peace psychological research in academia and beyond.

I want to use psychological research to make our world a more socially just global society. I want this because limiting possibilities to a safe life and to make contributions to society is a loss for everyone. I can do this because I am aware that this endeavor cannot succeed without interdisciplinary perspectives and people from diverse backgrounds (academic and non-academic) and am thus continuously on the quest to extend my network of inspiring people.

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