American University in Cairo

Mohamed Daoud

2020 Winner | Science Engagement 2021 Advisory Board | Engage 2021 2020 Winner Engage Advisory Board Member Winner Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Mohamed Daoud is a science communication & development officer at the American University in Cairo, where he works on numerous projects to break the wall between science and society. These projects are geared toward underserved minorities, and indigenous communities to spark their curiosity and to encourage more students to adopt science and technology career.

In the field of science communication and engagement he is considered as one of the pioneers in the field in Egypt and the MENA area. One of his projects helped in building a number of regional science centres across Egypt. His work has been recognised as one of the winners of Falling Walls Engage in the year 2020. He is also an active member of many national and international networks for Science Communication and Journalism.

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