MemComputing, Inc.

United States

MemComputing, Inc.

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

MemComputing is disrupting the HPC industry with the fastest compute performance in the world. MemCPU gives virtually any computer the power expected of a quantum computer. Invented at UCSD by two Ph.D. Physicists, MemComputing represents an entirely new computer architecture. While it follows the standards of silicon-based digital circuits, it is non-Turing, non-von Neumann, and also non-Quantum. The technology blends compute processing and memory as computational memory, and it shares physics characteristics otherwise only available with quantum architecture. The circuit is so efficient that it can be emulated in software. The company released its software-based Virtual MemComputing Machine (VMM) in 2019, focused on optimization problems addressed using Integer Linear Programming (ILP), which is the most common commercial method. Our VMM solves the most complex of these problems in seconds vs. hours. The MemCPU ASIC, coming in 2022, provides real-time instantaneous solutions.

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