Matthias Driess

TU Berlin

Matthias Driess

2009 2009 Speaker Speaker Breakthrough Day

Matthias Driess is professor of Chemistry at Technischer Universität Berlin. The current research activities in the Driess group are devoted to low temperature access to novel functional inorganic materials for energy-saving and sustainable use of resources. Since 2000 the Driess group is involved in several research priority and collaborative research programs focusing on the design and use of organometallic compounds for functional materials. Since 2007, Matthias Driess serves as coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence in the Berlin Area entitled “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat). The aim of his future activities is to provide versatile and facile access to novel materials which combine the advantages of molecular and solid state materials for technological applications, that is, catalysis (i.e., artificial photosynthesis), sensing, optoelectronic and battery materials. Of prime interest is the synthesis and understanding of nanoscaled materials which have been encoded (pre-organized) on the molecular scale.

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