Mario Andrés De Leo-Winkler

Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico

Mario Andrés De Leo-Winkler

2023 2023 Jury | Engage Jury Engage Jury Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Mario Andrés De Leo-Winkler (he/him/his) has a PhD in astrophysics and is currently the Director of Communication of Knowledge at the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico, the third largest in the country, where he leads a interdisciplinary team whose goal is to actively engage citizens with sciences, humanities and technologies in an inclusive and creative manner.

Mario acted as project manager and education director of the NASA FIELDS Project at the University of California. He was previously appointed by the Mexican government as Director of the National System of Researchers and Director of Scientific Vocations at the National Council of Sciences and Technology. Additionally, he coordinated the National Project on the Education of Mathematics.

He has published several peer-reviewed articles and chapters on astrophysics, informal educational methods in sciences, as well as accessible methods of engaging underrepresented and vulnerable communities with sciences.

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