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Maike Henningsen

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PD Dr. med. Maike Henningsen is Head of Business Development, Digital Innovation and Vice President of Operations for Ambulatory Women’s Health at HELIOS. She has also initiated the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator, which supports first-time founders in Digital Health, and worked as Professor for Digital Health at the University of Witten Herdecke.

Maike is looking back on a successful 20-year career as a medical doctor. She studied and received her doctoral degree at Universitätskrankenhaus Hamburg Eppendorf, where she specialised in the field of female medicine. She is now part of the teaching faculty. As a post doc at UCLA in California, she researched in the field of personalised cancer treatment in gynecologic oncology. In California, she was also selected to participate in the “Global Solution Program” at Singularity University in Mountain View. Maike believes in lifelong learning and returned to study at TU Berlin, where she completed a Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

Maike’s goal is to combine her knowledge in innovation management with her medical training to accelerate the development and integration of innovative technologies in the medical field. She is currently sharing her knowledge with medical school students to prepare them for the future of medicine at the University of Hamburg Medical School and at the University of Witten Herdecke. Maike is mentoring several start-ups and consulting companies in her areas of expertise. She also serves as external expert in the space of health care innovation for several programs of the European Commission and is author of several books in the field of digital health.

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