Magnus Magnusson

Social and Human Sciences Sector UNESCO

Magnus Magnusson

2018 Speaker Falling Walls Circle

Magnus Magnusson took up his duties as Director of Partnerships and Outreach in the Sector for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO on 1 September 2017. Prior to joining UNESCO, he held positions as Vice-President for Ermerging Markets and Sustainability at Eco Capacity Exchange; Head of Government Relations, Northern Europe at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Head of Business Development and External Relations at UNCDF; and Regional Manager at the Nordic Development Fund. He started his career at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for the World Bank, regional development banks, IFAD and micro finance. Thereafter, he joined the Nordic Council of Ministers as Senuor Advisor for the finance, transport and development cooperation sectors. He is a board member of the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium Foundation and advisory board member of Hand in Hand USA, Global Vaccines Project and ECO Capacity Exchange.

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