Mindfulness Trainer And Generative Facilitator

Magdalena Geissler

2023 2023 Female Science Talents | International Fall Gathering

Magdalena Geissler is a certified mindfulness trainer and Generative Facilitator. In her workshops and trainings she applies Theory U as a method to facilitate innovation and change. Magdalena works with small and large organizations from the public as well as private sector (among others Google Digital Garage, Booking.com, SOS Kinderdorf and local public authorities). Through interactive and introspective methods Magdalena manages to create an open and safe workshop atmosphere. At the core of her work she empowers women-led groups to stand up for themselves and to build strong connections among each other.
Magdalena studied Culture and Business at the University of Mannheim (Bachelor of Arts) and International Relations at Instituto Barcelona de Estudios Internacionales (IBEI) (Master of Arts). Earlier in her career she worked as an Online Media Consultant for Google and as a Senior Consultant for international development organizations such as World Bank and UN agencies.


I want women to become self-confident with themselves and their ideas. I want this because only when women believe in themselves they successfully move forward with their ideas to change the world for something better. I can do this because as a trained Generative Facilitator and as an empathic person with exceptional listening skills I connect people to support each other.

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