Scientific American

Madhusree Mukerjee

2021 Lab Jury 2021 Lab Jury Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Madhusree Mukerjee is a senior editor at Scientific American magazine and a book author. She obtained a PhD in physics in 1989 under the supervision of Nobel laureate Yoichiro Nambu. After a postdoc stint at Caltech she changed careers, serving as an editor, first with Physics Today magazine and then with Scientific American. She left the magazine upon receiving a Guggenheim fellowship to write her first book, a combination of journalism and anthropology (The Land of Naked People, 2003). She went on to write a deeply researched work of World War II history (Churchill’s Secret War, 2010) and is currently completing a third book, a profile of a struggle against destructive development. She returned to Scientific American in 2017, where she focuses on social and interdisciplinary sciences.

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