Lucy Ojomoko

Lucy Ojomoko

2023 2023 Winner | Art & Science Winner Breakthrough Day Art & Science

Lucy Ojomoko is a molecular biologist and artist.  She is focusing her science and artistic research in the field of synthetic and neurobiology:  exploring the problem of trans-species and intraspecific communication, and studying plasticity limits of living systems for reprogramming.

Was selected for participation in the 13th Young Scientists Forum 2013, FEBS Congress 2013(Saint-Petersburg, Russia), FEBS Congress 2014( Paris, France), and SENSE6 2013 Conference (Cambridge, UK), Perspective in Molecular Neuroscience in Health and Disease, 2014 (Bochum, Germany), Basel Life Conference 2017, 2018 (Basel, Switzerland), and many others. A finalist of Singularity University and Skolkovo competition with synthetic biology project (creation of a handy-tool software for SynBio). Her scientific project was presented at a competition organized by MIT and Global Innovation Labs, Boston, USA. Awarded in a range of grant programs, including DAAD. Author of scientific papers and patents.

As an artist she was exposed to a range of exhibitions and festivals include “MetabolA.I” at Ars Electronica 2017, “Quorum Sensing: Skin Flora Signal System ” at Ars Electronica 2022, “Art4Med”, Paris 2022, “Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art” 2017,”Polytech” Science festival”, 2015, “Medianovation. Science-art  Experiment No1/2014” 2014, “Geek Picnic”, 2014, “Manifesta-10”, 2014, and many others.

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