Lubna Sunawar

National Defence University

Lubna Sunawar

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Dr. Lubna Sunawar is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Her past research and 10 years teaching experience before PhD in leading universities of Islamabad are related to the axis: Comparative Political and Cultural Studies, Muslim migration, European Integration and Values, Attitudes and Socio-Political, and Cultural Behaviour, etc.. She has a great interest for European History and Politics esp. European History; Migration, Security, and Displacement with particular focus on the EU in 2020 and 2021.


I want to gain experience in university studies on migration dynamics, and deepen my skills in Muslim migration and integration with especial focus on the European Union, in particular about the role of media and framing approach. I want this, because it will enable me to reinforce my academic experience as I will have the possibility to open my studies to a critical perspective on media and framing studies. I can do this, because working with worldwide distinguished scholars in their respective fields will offer me the best opportunity to gain knowledge.

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