Lilia Moritz  Schwarcz

University of São Paulo

Lilia Moritz Schwarcz

2023 2023 Science Breakthrough | Social Sciences & Humanities 2020 Winner | Social Sciences & Humanities 2022 Meet Up | Female Science Talents 2020 2020 Winner Winner Breakthrough Day Social Sciences & Humanities

Full Professor in Anthropology at USP, Global and Visiting Professor at Princeton. Published several books, 5 in English: Spectacle of Races, The Emperors beard, Brazil: a biography; Brazil reader. Curator of some exhibitions like: Mestizo Histories, Afroatlantic histories. Fellow at the Guggenheim Foundation (2006/ 2007), John Carter Brown Library (2007); visiting professor at Oxford, Leiden, Ècole des Hautes Etudes, Tinker Professor at Columbia University. Holds a Commend of the Brazilian Order of Scientific Merit. Since 2015 she is co-curator at MASP.

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