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Léna Prouchet

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Léna Prouchet is pursuing her PhD at the University of Exeter. She works closely with Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation dedicated to combating climate change by partnering with Indigenous peoples and local communities to protect rainforests. Léna focuses on projects that aim to generate income while protecting the environment. Her research, conducted over five months in the Peruvian Amazon, examines the effectiveness of current initiatives. The insights gained from her work not only contribute to academic knowledge but also inform strategies to enhance Cool Earth’s impact. Léna aspires more inspirational collaborations between scientists and non-academic partners, believing that such partnerships offer innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced today.

I want to promote collaborations between social scientists and non-academic stakeholders in the field of international development and nature conservation. I want this because these partnerships can drive the creation of policies and projects that yield positive and sustainable outcomes for both the environment and communities. I can do this because I have gained expertise regarding collaborations strategies and methods during my PhD, and I can rely on a strong network sharing my values and objectives.

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