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Liubov Tupikina


Researchers and STEM experts (hereafter called scientists) often travel across the world to attend academic conferences, visit research labs, and take sabbaticals. These face-to-face interactions provide an excellent opportunity to spark new ideas that often lead to new collaborations, grants and career opportunities for researchers. This vast network of traveling science experts could also be tapped to transform the lives of students especially in low resource settings by offering them a chance to meet, hear and learn from the experts and ultimately get motivation to continue their studies or even get inspired to pursue a career in science.

From 2017 I started to build a network of researchers together with my colleagues. This project became „Lecturers without borders“, with a digital framework online platform at www.scied.network. The “Lecturers without borders” network proposes scalable and distributed solutions. It uses smart geospatial analytics to connect educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, associations) with traveling experts (scientists, educators). New educational methods are currently developed and tested as a result of collaboration and mutual learning between scientific and educational experts. We have successfully launched and tested the pilot version of the project “Lecturers without borders” with lectures and seminars organised in Senegal, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Germany, Russia, France. We are open for collaborations around the globe.


More information about
Liubov Tupikina, Co-founder, CRI Institute, Lecturers without borders

Liubov is a researcher who has been working in theoretical physics, mathematics, data analysis, computer science and their applications in biology, climatology, social science, epidemiology and education. After participating in the European Marie-Curie project, she created several research and outreach projects on spreading phenomena, mobility data, network visualisation and big data analysis. She is coordinating several students for research projects in the field of epidemics spreading in networks. In addition to her interest in theoretical methods, she is also eager to apply her knowledge in data analysis in projects which have a positive impact on our society. Lecturers without borders is among them, and she is delighted to present it at Falling Walls Engage 2019.

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