Laura Kaltwasser

Berlin School of Mind and Brain

Laura Kaltwasser

2022 International Fall Gathering | Zia-Fellows | Female Science Talents 2022 2022 International Fall Gathering Speaker | Female Science Talents

Dr. Laura Kaltwasser is principal investigator at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain applying methods of cognitive neuroscience such as ECG, EEG, GSR and fMRI. Her research consists in the interdisciplinary investigation of the concept of the self on multiple levels of analysis ranging from self-regulatory processes in the autonomous and central nervous system to social interaction in collective decisions modelled through game theory. A special focus lies on the assessment of socio-emotional processes in self and other. Recently she extended her research to the clinical domain to study disturbances of selfhood in patients suffering from schizophrenia by applying methods from computational psychiatry in a transdisciplinary account of the active self. Laura studied Psychology, Communication Studies and Political Science at the Humboldt-Universität and Freie Universität in Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley.

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