Laura Hassink


Laura Hassink

2022 2022 Speaker | Circle

Laura Hassink is responsible for Elsevier’s portfolio of 2,650 journals managed by more than 24,000 editors, who collectively publish more than 560,000 research articles a year. Previously, she served as Senior Vice President of Publishing Transformation, overseeing operational support for its journals, improving and innovating the publication experience for authors, peer reviewers and editors. Laura has also been instrumental in accelerating Elsevier’s substantial progress in open access publishing, with the company now offering more than 600 gold open access journals, as well as open access publishing options across all its portfolios.
During her 25 years with Elsevier, she has also served as the SVP of Product Management for ScienceDirect and Journal Branded Solutions as well as the SVP Physical Sciences in STM Journals and held positions in Strategy, Business Development and Journal Services. Since 2015, Laura has been active as a board member of the Dutch Publishers Association, Mediafederatie and as Chair of the Media Voor Vak en Wetenschap (MVW). She currently serves as Chair of the MEVW Open Science Forum. Laura has a genuine passion for understanding the needs of the research communities we serve and maintaining the highest quality and integrity standards in scholarly communications.

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