Museum für Naturkunde

Konstantin S. Kiprijanov

2024 2024 Advisory Board | Engage

Dr Konstantin S. Kiprijanov is a multilingual researcher, consultant, project manager, editor, and higher education professional with work experience in science communication and public engagement. He strongly believes that knowledge is not simply transferred from one person or community to the other, but it is rather made, negotiated, and transformed in a mutual exchange of ideas, opinions, and values. As a result, all actors participating in communication processes play an active role in shaping the form and content of scientific knowledge. Konstantin works as Project Coordinator and Public Engagement Researcher for the project ‘Public Engagement for Planetary Health’ at Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. His research aims to develop new and exciting ways to improve critical understanding of and engagement with the concept of Planetary Health, and to empower consumers and policy makers to engage in meaningful conversations about sustainable food systems and healthy eating behaviour. Konstantin is also a certified higher education teacher with more than twelve years of experience in classroom teaching and supervising student dissertations in a number of academic fields, including Science Communication, and Science and Technology Studies (STS).

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