Katharina Scheerer

University of Münster

Katharina Scheerer

2023 Intensive Track | Female Science Talents 2023 International Spring Gathering | Female Science Talents 2022 Female Science Talents Intensive Track

As a PhD candidate at the Graduate School Practices of Literature in Münster, Katharina Scheerer is currently investigating the connection between science fiction literature and the avantgarde around 1900. After finishing her Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration in a cooperative study program with the BASF SE, she began her path to becoming a Humanities’ Scholar. For the past two years she has additionally been leading a project called “Eden? Plants between Science and Fiction.” In this international multimedia exhibit, she has shown how science fiction literature and movies both question and defeat prominent narratives that shape our world. The texts presented in the exhibit develop ideas that overcome engrained ways of thinking and envision different modes of tackling global challenges like the climate catastrophe. By reaching out into the public with innovative formats, Katharina Scheerer is breaking new ground in science communications while displaying the importance of the Humanities in facing the issues of today.


I want to foster dialogue between academia and the public. I want this because issues like the covid-pandemic or the climate catastrophe show that understanding how science works and how it contributes to society is crucial in dealing with today’s problems. I can do this because I can convey complex information and have creative ideas that get people from various backgrounds involved. 

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