Jutta Juliane  Meier


Jutta Juliane Meier

Jutta Juliane Meier is Founder & CEO of IDENTITY Valley

Jutta Juliane Meier represents a bridge between Germany and Silicon Valley. She is very passionately working with large corporations, governmental bodies and academic initiatives. Through her work, she is constantly confronting the impact and challenges new technology will bring to the world. Jutta co-founded an educational AI & Ethics initiative which recently published their first children’s book: ROBOY & Lucy – Superhero Glasses. In response to her core values she also founded the IDENTITY Valley with the purpose to enable a value based digital economy.

What location is to real estate, collaboration is to digital transformation? She loves to ‘translate and simplify’ between players who are becoming more and more equally relevant in the future: startups and corporations, digital natives & digital immigrants. Supporting them to converge, grow and recognize the best of both worlds is what motivates her day by day.

„Digital Revolution needs Digital Responsibility. #identityvalley“


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