St. Thomas Hospital

Justine Durno

Trainee Histopathologist

Dr. Justine Durno is the only deaf doctor in the UK with a sign language interpreter. She was born in Glasgow to a deaf family and after mainstream primary education there, she attended Mary Hare School for the deaf in Newbury, Berkshire and obtained a BSc (Hons) in Anatomy before studying medicine.

Dr. Justine Durno is currently a specialist trainee in Histopathology. She has an interest in forensic pathology and hopes to eventually specialise in this field. Dr. Durno uses her experiences as a Deaf female doctor, and the wider experiences of the d/Deaf community, to conclude on what changes need to happen for d/Deaf achievement to progress, including developing more Deaf schools, and Teachers of the Deaf, encouraging not repressing the use of sign language, recognising the social model of d/Deafness, and celebrating the d/Deaf community.