Ciencia Sin Fronteras

Julián Darío Amorín Montes

2023 2023 Winner | Engage Winner Engage Winners Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

Julián Amorín, Director and Founder of Ciencia Sin Fronteras, an organization that creatively teaches science via engaging demonstrations. With a background in Biological Chemistry and certification in Biomedical Engineering, he is passionate about spreading scientific knowledge. Transitioning from conventional lectures, he identified the need for a more captivating approach to stimulate STEM interest,so he initiated “Dr. Demo’s Laboratory-Science Show” 25 years ago. Through captivating scientific demonstrations, he became the pioneer of science communication in Guatemala, impacting thousands of children, youth, and adults across the region through in-person, virtual, and televised presentations.

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Events with Julián Darío Amorín Montes

Tue | Nov 07, 2023 | 09.30 AM - 11.00 AM Berlin Time

Falling Walls Engage Pitches – Session 1: Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

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