Jana Isanta-Navarro

Lund University

Jana Isanta-Navarro

2022 International Fall Gathering | Zia-Fellows | Female Science Talents 2022 2022 International Fall Gathering Speaker | Female Science Talents

Jana Isanta-Navarro is a limnologist and evolutionary ecologist. Growing up, she spent the better part of her childhood around ponds and streams, always curious about life in those systems. As a scientist, she wants to pass on her fascination and passion for aquatic ecosystems and their organisms to the next generation. Jana’s research focuses on the Anthropocene changing life in lakes. Utilizing human-induced stressors, her research improves our understanding of the ecology and evolution of planktonic organisms. She wants her research to help protecting aquatic life and improve our predictive power of future changes. Jana speaks multiple languages, has worked and lived in four different countries and is currently based in Sweden.

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