Jacob  Friis Sherson

Aarhus University

Jacob Friis Sherson

2020 Science Breakthrough 2020 Science Breakthrough | Science & Innovation Management 2020 Winner | Science & Innovation Management Science Breakthrough 2020 2020 Winner 2020 Finalist | Science & Innovation Management Winner Breakthrough Day Science and Innovation Management

Jacob Sherson is professor in both dep. of Physics and Management at Aarhus University and founder and director of the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and the citizen science project ScienceAtHome.org with more than 300,000 contributors. In his interdisciplinary team both human and algorithmic problem solving is investigated through the lense of machine optimization, psychology, cognitive science and behavioral economics. Apart from natural and social science games, he is also investigating large-scale game-based assessment of both basic cognitive skills and 21st century skills like creativity.

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