Year 2017 2017 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Georg Wittenburg

Nominated by
Freie Universität Berlin


Inspirient builds and markets a system for fully automatic data analysis. Knowing which insights are hidden in data sets is at the very core of digitisation, but only trained experts have the means to discover these. Comparing their system with the invention of the pocket calculator who enabled anyone to work with large numbers some 50 years ago, Inspirient’s vision is to use AI to enable anyone, any scientist, any business leader, any citizen, to know which insights are hidden in any given data set. The company aims at democratising data analytics and thus ultimately change how science is done, and how it is applied for the better of business and society.

The software employs various methods from the fields of deep reasoning and supervised learning to analyse any data and assess the relevance of conclusions. It is described as innovative for three reasons: It is applicable to any semi-structured data set, it does not rely on pre-formulated hypotheses, and it produces output that non-technical people understand. In contrast to existing solutions, their software is regarded as universally applicable and does not rely on pre-formulated questions which eliminates potential human bias in data analysis. It automatically generates visual, presentation-like results that anyone can understand. The system was successfully piloted in the challenging field of strategic business analytics.

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