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Anna Schnelzer


Curiosity and fascination are drivers of innovation and success, because today’s inquisitive youngsters are the innovators and success stories of the future. This not only sums up the guiding principles of the IMC Krems Youth University; it also reflects our personal commitment to sparking a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of science and research among children and young people.

The Youth University provides a five-day programme of lectures and workshops on a wide range of different subjects for children aged between 10 and 13, and gives them an opportunity to get a taste of real university life. We want to draw their attention to trends and future topics. The youngsters learn about potential education and career options open to them in the focus areas of business, health, science, and engineering and digitalisation, which will help them to choose suitable options later on.

The Youth University is not an initiative for highly gifted individuals. On the contrary, an important objective is to offer a programme which will appeal to all children and young people. In particular, we want to promote access to science and research for children and young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.


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Anna Schnelzer, Projects/Marketing & Public Relations Manager, IMC Krems Youth University

Anna Schnelzer grew up in Krems, in the heart of the Wachau, Lower Austria.  After graduating from high school, she studied economics and social sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, specialising in business administration. She wrote her bachelor thesis on “Online marketing measures in gastronomy for the target group of students using the example of the university town of Krems”. During this time she worked regularly as a Marketing Assistant at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, among others for the project “IMC Krems Youth University” and was a barista at a coffee bar. After completing her studies, she joined Austrian Airlines in the Procurement department. Since March 2018, the committed 28-year-old has been working at IMC Krems in the marketing department, focusing on science communication projects. After years of work in the organisation team, it was a great honor for her to take over the IMC Krems Youth University.

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