Ilana F. Silber

Bar-Ilan University

Ilana F. Silber

2022 Social Sciences and Humanities Jury 2022 Jury | Social Sciences & Humanities Jury Breakthrough Day Social Sciences & Humanities

Jury: Social Sciences and Humanities

Ilana F. SilberAssociate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar-Ilan University. Faculty fellow of the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology, member of Academia Europae and co-chief editor of the new journal MAUSS International. Her major fields of research are sociological theory, the sociology of gift-processes and elite philanthropy, to which she brings a cross cutting engagement with interpretative cultural analysis and macro comparative historical sociology. Recent publications include “S.N. Eisenstadt’s Theory of Culture” (2020), “Reconciling Spirit and Contract? Marshall Sahlins and the Essai sur le don” (with Philippe Chanial, 2021), “Afterword: Gifts, Dangers and their Performative Context” (forthc. 2022).  

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