Haitao  Yang

Shanghai Tech University

Haitao Yang

2020 Winner | Life Sciences 2020 2020 Winner Winner Breakthrough Day Life Sciences

Dr. Yang received his BS degree from Sichuan University (2001), and his Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University (2006). Following his postdoctoral research at the Yale University (2006-2011), he was promoted to Associate Research Scientist (2011-2013). He joined Tianjin University in 2013, where he became Full Professor and served as Vice Dean of School of Life Sciences (2013-2017). He is also Research Professor of Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (Adjunct) and Director of Infectious Disease Drug Discovery Institute. He joined ShanghaiTech University in Sept. 2018 as PI in Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) and Associate Professor of School of Life Science and Technology.

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