2018 2018 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Faii Ong

Nominated by
Imperial College London


GyroGear develops intelligent wearables to mechanically stabilise hand tremors. Around 10 million people worldwide are affected by Parkinson’s disease. One of its main symptoms is tremor, which can significantly affect people’s ability to eat, drink, dress, write, or hold objects, making them dependent on carers. There is no cure, and the medication prescribed can cause involuntary movements and impulsive behaviour. There are also around 200 million people that suffer from ‘essential tremor’ caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, and hyperthyroidism. GyroGear’s first product is the GyroGlove, a glove that suppress hand tremors using gyroscopes and thus offers an alternative to drug treatments. The GyroGlove uses a miniature, dynamically adjustable gyroscope which sits on the back of the hand within a plastic casing attached to the glove. Gyroscopes are spinning discs used in cutting-edge aerospace technology, but operate on the same principles as children’s toy tops. Conserving angular momentum to stay upright in any plane of motion, they can counter any input of force in any direction swiftly and proportionately. When the device is switched on, the battery-powered gyroscope comes to life. Its orientation is adjusted by a precision hinge and turntable, both controlled by a small circuit board, thereby pushing back against the wearer’s movements as the gyroscope tries to right itself.


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