2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

We all are very aware that climate change and plastic pollution are global challenges that threat our existence. Every year our planet is getting warmer while over one trillion plastic bags are used for less than 20 minutes. With goodbag we make it fun and rewarding to improve the world for everyone everywhere. goodbag is the world’s first smart re-usable shopping bag that rewards customers for re-using their bag and tracks their positive impact in real-time every time they go shopping with their goodbag. With goodbag and the goodbag app, users can plant trees, collect plastic waste out of the ocean or receive a discount every time they bring their goodbag to a store. In the goodbag app, users can track their positive impact in real-time, complete achievements by re-using their bag and interact with the world’s leading retailers and brands.

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