Episome Biotechnologies


Episome Biotechnologies

Year 2017 2017 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Presented by
Murat Bahadir Kilinc

Nominated by
Diffusion Capital Partners


Episome Biotechnologies has developed an industrial enzyme technology designed to convert paper industry waste into biogas or fertiliser. The business model is thus centred around the disposal of extremely polluting waste of a major industry in an environment friendly manner. Episome’s patent filed EpiCellulyse XT technology is able to break down long cellulose chains into small units that can be processed by enzymes and are thus suitable to be used as raw material in biogas plants. The biogas industry is one of the top renewable energy sources but in need of enhancing efficiency, while the paper industry needs to find a solution for waste disposal. Episome Biotechnologies can help solving both problems by introducing paper waste as a new source of raw material for biogas production, thus converting the cost centre into a profit centre for the paper industry.

The paper and pulp industry is the sixth largest polluter in the world. The most common method of disposing of paper industry waste is still incineration or landfilling, both of which are costly, time consuming and polluting. The business model has already been validated in Turkey in cooperation with a large paper manufacturer and biogas producer and could be a game changer for both paper industry and biogas production.

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