Perm State University

Ekaterina Stepanova

2020 Emerging Talents

Ekaterina Stepanova was born on the 02.02.1990 in Perm (Russia). Her Father is a driver of a diesel locomotive, her mother a bank accountant and her younger brother a workman. She plays the piano. In her childhood, she liked biology, but she became a chemist, because she loved it at a glance. Ekaterina graduated from Perm State University in 2013 (Master of science, organic chemistry) and got her PhD in 2016 (organic chemistry). Since 2018, she is an associate professor of Perm State University (Chemistry Department). Her Supervisor is Andrey Maslivets. In 2019, Ekaterina Stepanova visited Kansas University as a short-term postdoc (Michael Rubin’s research group).

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