Dominic Falcão

2022 Speaker | Sciencepreneurs Sciencepreneurs 2019 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Dominic is one of two Founding Directors at Deep Science Ventures, a venture studio and fund that brings together teams of scientists to seize crucial opportunities and redefine industries. 

Before co-founding Deep Science Ventures (DSV), Dominic built a 3.000-person community of scientists and entrepreneurs and ran a science-focused accelerator for Europe’s most innovative university, Imperial College London. The graduates of the programmes run by Dominic and his team have raised over £20m in funding, with 4 companies acquired (by Google, Facebook, Spotify and Elsevier). 

Dominic has worked with over 200 science companies, based on both unencumbered and University-owned IP, with students from undergraduate to postgraduates, and academics in general. 

The companies Deep Science Ventures has built range from autonomous materials discovery for batteries to living neural interfaces that “grow” into the brain.

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