doks. innovation GmbH


doks. innovation GmbH

2020 Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

doks. innovation GmbH was founded in 2017, near the Fraunhofer institute for material flow and logistics IML in Dortmund. Since 2018 we operate from our headquarter in Kassel, Hesse, Germany. We develop solutions for automated data collection and processing in logistics. To do so, we combine innovative hardware, e.g. drones, highly sensitive sensors and intelligent software with Machine Learning Algorithms to a high-performance ecosystem for effcient logistics processes. Depending on the deployed solution, customers can save up to 90% time, compared to manual processes. Additionally the costs for stocktaking can be reduced by up to 70%. The customer gains relevant information that can help to design intralogistics-processes more efficiently. It is our vision to provide every warehouse with maximum transparency and flexibility to help them face the challenges of modernday intralogistics.

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