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Darline Dize

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Darline Dize is a PhD candidate at the University of Yaoundé I’s Department of Biochemistry. She is dedicated to using advanced research technologies to address infectious diseases affecting humanity. Throughout her doctoral journey, she has adeptly employed medium-throughput/high-throughput techniques to screen small molecules from esteemed pharmaceutical companies and research organizations. Darline was awarded an ICGEB fellowship. She is committed to advancing drug discovery by identifying novel genetic markers that influence drug response in individuals of African ancestry. This pursuit aims to enhance precision medicine and drug development, contributing significantly to more effective and safer targeted therapies. Darline aspires to develop the requisite skills and leadership to operate independently as a primary investigator, with a vision for a distinguished research career.

I want to reduce or eliminate the number of infectious disease cases in Africa, especially Cameroon. I plan to achieve this by providing precision medicines that match the genetic heritage of affected populations. Many people die each year from infectious diseases due to ineffective drugs, resistance, poor ADMET properties, and differences in pharmacogenes between populations. I can do this as I am a dedicated and passionate scientist with a strong background in drug discovery. This includes drug screening, toxicity assessment, and mode of action studies. I am also just embarking on the field of pharmacogenomics.

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