Danielle  Thibodeau


Danielle Thibodeau

2019 Advisory Board | Engage 2019 Engage Advisory Board Member

Danielle Thibodeau has over fifteen years of experience in innovative program creation and partnership development, with a particular focus on issues of access and equity.

She has worked with marginalized populations on projects that have ranged from access to post-secondary education, justice and democracy education, and science engagement.

Until recently she was the Director of Programming at in2scienceUK, a charity that strives to encourage more youth from low-income backgrounds to pursue studies and careers in STEM; it was in that capacity that she took part in the inaugural Falling Walls Engage competition in 2018. Danielle now consults on a variety of training and engagement projects. She holds a Masters in Adult Education from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Public Policy, Administration and Law from York University.

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