Tel Aviv University

Dana Pousty

2024 Intensive Track | Female Science Talents 2021 2021 Winner 2021 Finalist | Lab Speaker Winner Lab Finalist Female Science Talents Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Driven by solving environmental challenges and never-ending curiosity, Dana Pousty curated multidisciplinary experience across biology, engineering, and sustainable technologies through academia, education, and impact ventures. Dana is completing her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, specializing in water disinfection, during which she was awarded various excellence and scientific awards, and published high-impact papers. Dana is a leading member of water organizations such as IUVA and IWA and founded the official UV Podcast to promote UV-based technologies. Dana is taking research into practice with her impact venture ‘SoLED’ funded by the Asper Water Foundation., providing access to safe water in developing countries. Dana was featured in the top water-tech female founders list.

I want to impact people’s well-being by integrating research, technology, and understanding of social behaviours. I want to do this because I believe in providing equitable opportunities for all people, viewing it as my mission in the world.. I can do this because I am driven by passion and compassion, and I have extensive practical experience in bringing research to life and collaborating with people and organizations around the world.

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