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Cyrus Clarke

Breakthrough Day Speaker 2022 Art and Science Winner 2022 Art and Science Breakthrough 2022 Breakthrough Day 2022 Winner 2022 2022 Winner Breakthrough Day Art and Science

Cyrus is a designer, artist and futurist with a background in economics and digital technologies. He is passionate about reforming human–nonhuman relationships by establishing new models of cooperation between human beings, living systems and inanimate technologies. Looking to the natural world for inspiration, he seeks to promote futures rooted in biological wisdom, through a deep partnership with nature, towards the strange and uncanny.

His focus lies on shifting notions of nature and technology through the creation of artistic pieces ranging from film, mixed-media installations, fictions, live experiences and genetic software. In particular he is fascinated by data as a material, working with nature as a technology to re-frame human relationships with organic and constructed systems, and initiate discussion on the ethical, environmental, political and socioeconomic implications of the technology filled worlds we are rushing to create.

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