2022 2022 Winner | Venture Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

In the same way that most engineering disciplines have gone from manual R&D processes to using digital CAD tools, we believe that material development will go from lab to in-silico based R&D.

That’s why we commercialize a completely new analysis software enabling the creation of more efficient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly batteries. The solution stems from many years of research at Chalmers University and can be used in development of any complex material.The patent-pending method, source code and key people are now gathered in the company Compular.

By leveraging simulations and data analysis, material developers can decrease their development cycles radically and get a better understanding of their new products to innovate and develop better products. In fact, it is difficult to compare Compulars’ tool to existing methods, given that the amount of tests you can do with Compulars’ tool is unlimited, as opposed to the boundaries of a lab facility.

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