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2023 2023 Winner Project | Engage Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage)

We are a Peruvian nonprofit that leverages participatory storytelling tools and community-based research approaches to engage learners and educators in fishing villages in gaining and contributing to a kaleidoscopic understanding of their social-ecological systems in a changing climate and industrializing planet. Through “edutainment” workshops, programs, and festivals, we provide tools, mediums, and spaces to foster enchantment as an embodied encounter that establishes relations between peoples and places and significantly expands our understanding of time and space beyond the self.

We make white papers dirty by collaborating with social and natural scientists “in the field “who seek to discuss their ideas with local youth, engaging students to learn alongside them. Students conduct their own research and mobilize knowledge gathered by co-creating animations, films, photo series, maps, and more with their teachers rooted in cultural heritage, fortified by science, and expressed through learners’ imaginations. These creative productions share findings and ideas to spark conversation and shape collaborative change.

Emily Koch

Beyond the Surface International

A former professional surfer from San Diego, California, Emi is the co-founder of Coast 2 Coast, weaving investigation with imagination for learners and educators in fishing villages to strengthen meaningful relationships with themselves, one another, and their built-natural environment. With over 15 years of experience in “edutainment” and youth action research, Emi has lived and worked with coastal communities around the world, including in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Colombia exploring nature connectedness, well-being, and optimistic futures. She is a Fulbright Fellow, WISE Emerging Leader, and National Geographic Explorer based in Lobitos, a remote fishing village in Northern Peru.

Events with Emily Koch

Tue | Nov 07, 2023 | 11.30 AM - 01.00 PM Berlin Time

Falling Walls Engage Pitches – Session 2: Engaging Communities for Planetary Health

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