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Stephanie Okeyo


The Climate Change Series depicts the reality that we moved from saying IT WILL BE to IT IS. Planet earth is, now more than ever, experiencing the effects of climate change due to various human activities; one million species threatened to extinction, the rise in sea levels and sea temperature, global warming, plastic oceans, more droughts amongst others. The Climate Change Series seeks to provide a creative, inclusive and interactive platform for scientists, conservationists, policy makers, and the public all over the world to engage on climate change issues with the aim of discussing and seeking ways to balance development and conservation. Learn, brainstorm, and share are ways through which we individually contribute in curbing effects of climate change and to protect our planet.

This series utilizes various platforms to create content such as animations, vlogs and articles, and uses online platforms such as youtube, blog; and on the ground activities such as school outreach programs, events, and workshops to create awareness. We are the first generation to know we are the destroying our planet and we could be the last to do anything about it.


More information about
Stephanie Okeyo, Founder, Under The Microscope

Stephanie Okeyo graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. She is passionate about advancing our understanding of science, especially in Africa. Under The Microscope is an initiative she started in order to provide a platform to empower early career scientists like herself who can actively contribute to solving community and world issues. Moreover, the initiative aims to engage the scientific community in mentoring the incoming generation of scientists, encourage public engagement, push for more science evidence-based development programs, and build resilient communities. The Science communication project- Under The Microscope roots from the experiences Stephanie went through during her undergraduate studies. Through this platform, she hopes to provide a channel that educates, inspires, innovates and transforms lives. She is passionate about empowering young girls in the science space and to raise a voice for gender equality in science and technology. Her mission and contribution to the world is to promote implementation of key science, technology, and innovation in addressing African development challenges and transforming lives. Stephanie hopes to achieve this from a micro to macro level while creating an African scientific landscape that provides equal opportunities and benefits for every human being.

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