DLR Institute of Transport Research

Claudia Nobis

Team Leader

Claudia Nobis, Dr. rer. nat., M.A. Cultural Studies, has been working at the Institute for Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center since 2000. Since 2013 she has been head of the Mobility Behavior group in the Department of Passenger Transport. Her scientific work focuses on empirical survey and analysis of mobility behavior. The focus is on the observation of different groups of people and the spatial and temporal change of mobility behavior based on panel and longitudinal data. Within the framework of various projects, she has determined user acceptance and the potential of new mobility services and concepts (e.g. car sharing) and examined the effects of demographic change and of information and communication technologies on transport demand. Claudia Nobis has led numerous studies and projects. Examples include two studies conducted as part of the German government’s mobility and fuel strategy (“Influence of demographic developments on mobility and energy consumption” and “Potentials for modal shift in everyday traffic”) and a basic study for the BMVI on the effects of digitization on transport. In the project “Mobility in Germany 2017 (MiD), she was in charge of the DLR work and is the author of the basic reports on mobility in Germany that were produced as part of the project.