Freie Universität Berlin

Christoph Benzmüller

Scientist for Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science and Mathematics

Christoph Benzmüller is a scientist for Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science and Mathematics at Freie Universität Berlin. During Summer Term 2020 he was the first Una Europa Chair. Christoph Benzmüller received his PhD and his Habilitation from Saarland University. Further research institutions on his way include the universities of Stanford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Edinburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University. In 2012, Christoph Benzmüller was awarded with a Heisenberg Research Fellowship of the German National Research Foundation (DFG). His main research activities interface the areas of artificial intelligence, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and natural language. Currently his research focuses on the use of formal argumentation & explanation to achieve trustworthy AI systems, and in this context he is currently working for a Berlin based startup company. Prior to his academia career, Christoph Benzmüller was a successful long-distance runner at German national level.

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